Sunday, November 9, 2008

A Ballin' Nation

I must say, I admit to be a Barack Obama fan. 
I also am a Christian. I am questioning my beliefs on abortion right now, for myself, not based on anything anyone has ever told me. I think that I am pro-choice but I don't believe in easy ways out. I think abortion should be made legal, but the woman should have to take a class, because she clearly cannot see any other options. That does not mean that I am wrong or stupid or that I think I know all the answers. I believe that abortion is wrong and that it ruins lives. Not only does it affect the mother and the child, it affects the whole world. The world will never know if such a cowardly decision is made by the mother what that person could have grown up to be. I think that every being has a right to live and no person can override that. I believe i gay marriage. I have MANY homosexual friends and I would never want them to have different rights than someone else. After all, if you love someone, why should it matter? A person is a person.
 I agree with his policies and yes, I have done my homework. I think that he will be good for America. The only thing I am less than estatic for is his views on the economy. I don't think spreading the wealth is the answer. I especially do not believe that to be fair. I don't believe this will last long, because the most affected will be the ''rich'', those who make over $250,000. THEY will be carrying the economy and most likely will NOT want to deal with this. They were also the ones voting for Mccain. And then our economy will be downhill-bound. That's all I have to say about that for now...
Personally, I love talking about politics, but I AM SICK AND TIRED of people ''feeling free'' to join in the conversations when they have no idea WHAT they are talking about. So, before you speak up, PLEASE think twice. Or THREE times. Or FOUR. Because a valid reason for NOT liking Obama DOES NOT include ''Oh, because he's BLACK... or ''Because he is a DEMOCRAT!!! EGAD! ABORTION AND (PAUSE) GAY MARRIAGE!!!!
SO, to be quite frank, I am not getting into this STUPIDNESS. Leave a comment and ask for my views, I will share. But, PLEASE, know what you believe and are talking about.


KC said...

sorry Caroline
hate to break it to you
abortion is WRONG
bottom line
adoption is a much better option
you say you're for choice, but where would you be now if my birth-mother had gotten an abortion?
that's why I don't like Barack. It's a perfectly valid reason.
Also, the socialized medicine does NOT WORK in a large country. If the whole USA was the size of Denmark, it would be fine, but there are way to many people for everyone to have the same healthcare without a major blow to the economy, and treatment would be delayed for those desperately in need of it.

btw, my confirmation word is "tribo"

Coco said...

You turn a lot of people off with your know it all attitude. Ever heard you don't catch bees with vinegar?If you would hear me out and listen to where I stand on this issue, I probably wouldn't feel quite so critisized right now... I'm not going to change my beliefs based on what you or what anybody else says.
And if your birthmom had gotten an abortion, I would be lacking a LOT of important things in my life that you have given me. I don't like being argumenative, esp. with people I love. I agree with you, abortion is wrong. If you could just have patience and not jump to a conclusion, you would know that I am VERY against abortion. But I am also very much for the choice. I stand between the borderline of pro life and pro choice. And you shouldn't be so quick to judge because its not like you never went through a stage where you had different views on somethings. Fyi, being pro choice doesn't make me a bad person. I am just as good as you. And I'd appreciate it if you weren't so quick to judge. I know this subject is important to you and you have a bit of a bias on it.

KC said...

im definitely not judging you
and i have been stuck between two views before
a lot actually
like right now i know what i think about gay marriage, but other people yell at me for not being a good christian
i never once said that you weren't a good person or christian
its just kind of impossible to be pro life and pro choice at the same time
you have to decide where you stand
i hope you don't ever think that im judging you because that's something i never do. i don't judge people, i judge ideas.

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